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Nov 2018 / MediaPost

Boxed Wine -- No, Wait, Tide -- And The Digital State Of CPG Industry

Tide’s new packaging is creating quite the stir. Does it look like a wine box? Absolutely. Is that why Tide is considered a digital leader in its peer set? To be honest, somewhat. So, how is P&G placing the right bets to succeed in the digital space? Jenn Stoll explores – check it out in MediaPost.

Nov 2018 / Retail Customer Experience

The good, the bad and the ugly: An outlook on retail in 2019

In 2018, retail was completely flipped on its head. We've seen a constant stream of news about major retailers filing for bankruptcy and closing stores. All headlines pointing to the imminent threat of the retail apocalypse. But, contrary to major headlines, the industry is growing, not shrinking. The industry isn't dying, it's evolving. So, what can the DSI tell us about some key retailers as we head into 2019? Isobar's Puja Kartan takes a look

Oct 2018 / MediaPost

Healthcare: Ripe For Disruption, Primed For Innovation

In the past 12 months, the speed of disruption has escalated quickly in the healthcare industry. How can companies adjust to avoid irrelevance? Our Strategy Director, Puja Kartan explores in MediaPost.

Aug 2018 / MediaPost

How's Your Digital Strength?

The Topline Report is our broad, annual review of the link between digital strength, shareholder value, and future revenue. MediaPost takes a look at the 2018 report highlights. Read more.

May 2018 / PharmaExec

Digital Transformation: What's the Cost of Doing Nothing?

What price will Big Pharma companies pay for doing nothing in the wake of digital disruption? Our own Tony Owens takes a look at the possible consequences in PharmaExec. Check out the full piece

Mar 2018 / Adweek

How Tech Is Changing the Casual Dining Industry

Isobar Vice President, Jennifer Zimnowski, takes a look at the casual dining industry and how going out to eat has morphed from a social event into an experiential one. "So, how can casual dining keep from being phased out? Digital is the key. This presents a huge opportunity for agencies and brand marketers with a deep understanding of user experience and data."

Feb 2018 / Retail Customer Experience

Retailers need to double down on digital for next holiday season

If you're in retail, you might as well throw in the towel. If you haven't heard there's an imminent apocalypse on the horizon. This demise of retail has been instigated and expedited by the gargantuan growth of Amazon, which has been hell-bent on taking over the world. Soon we'll ask Alexa to order a pizza that will be delivered by a drone and when it arrives it will take a picture of you and then send in your measurements for your new bespoke suit and on the way out the door it will complete last year's taxes and the payment will be taken out in bitcoin through your new Prime Membership wallet.

Oct 2017 / Hospitality Net - DSI Hotel Report

How is digital disrupting the hotel industry?

We're here to tell you. Global digital agency, Isobar along with financial firm, Alpha-DNA, has uncovered the link between digital strength and revenue/shareholder value. Because of this, industry by industry, we're able to predict who will end up on top and who is bringing up the rear. The research analyzes digital strength by looking at magnitude, share, momentum, growth and trajectory. So what are the big things to know?

Sep 2017 / The Drum


The CMO's arsenal is replete with all manner of tools — yet the challenges faced by lead marketers at brands continues to pile up. Digital, certainly an important part of a brand’s marketing, tells a critical part of the story, yet its impact on a revenue, profit and shareholder value is less understood. To that end, Isobar, with its Digital Strength Index (DSI), is making digital a vital boardroom topic.

Sep 2017 / Harvard Business Review


Armed with a hypothesis that the stock market was undervaluing digital, we sought to create the largest known repository of digital data on U.S. companies. Our aim was to prove the link between digital strength and shareholder value, and do so in a way that passes the rigorous standards of hedge funds. We looked at the top 1,000 U.S. public companies, mapped every digital property for those companies, collected 75 billion digital consumer interactions per month over a period of five years, and made thousands of calculations.

Aug 2017 / Forbes

CMOs' Evolving Analytics Imperative: A Q&A With Isobar Co-CEO Jeff Maling

Isobar US co-CEO Jeff Maling, sat down with Forbes’ Jenny Rooney to discuss the data challenges facing CMOs and how harnessing the power of digital and data will ensure success. Pointing to the Digital Strength Index (DSI) created by Isobar and alpha-DNA, Jeff talks through the importance of digital transformation to stay ahead of the pack. "Our Digital Strength Index (DSI), created with hedge-fund data provider alpha-DNA, shows that the top decile of public companies achieve nearly 10% revenue growth in the following year compared to -8% for laggards. This is a nearly 20-point gap between digital winners and losers. And that is only in one year. The longer-term shareholder-value implications are even more striking."

Jul 2017 / DMN

The Monday Stack: Flexing Digital Muscles

DMN's Kim Davis takes a look at the Digital Stregnth Index, noting the long-term impact for digital laggards and why digital transformation matters. "How many ways does digital transformation matter — in marketing, of course, but also across the business? One non-trivial way is shareholder value, and global agency Isobar set out to measure the connection. Its Digital Strength Index measures the digital performance of 1,000 top U.S. public companies.

Jun 2017 / LBB Online

8 Key Points You Need to Know From Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report

Isobar's Saurab Bhargava dissects the 355 page report into 8 key points so you don't have to. Key themes include betting big on digital (given its linear connection to revenue), the shifting retail landscape and digitised health management. “At Isobar, we know there is a linear connection between revenue/EPS and digital strength. It’s something we proved in our proprietary Digital Strength Index, which uses historical data to show that ability to project revenue strength against digital sophistication. Mary Meeker’s report echoes our findings. 40% of the top 20 companies, in terms of current market value, are tech companies, with Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft and Amazon leading the pack, followed closely by social media giant Facebook.”

Jun 2017 / Ad Week Asia

Transforming The Experience For The Post 95s

Isobar Global CEO Jean Lin spoke about Brand Commerce at this year's Advertising Week Asia. Her session titled "Transforming The Experience for the Post 95s" focused on digital transformation and the potential for revenue growth. The keynote included compelling stories and results that spoke a single truth; agility needs to be a fundamental element present for businesses. “Joint research between Isobar and U.S-based research firm Alpha-DNA showed that from the top 1,000 companies with strong revenue growth, Digital Transformation will only improve the strength of businesses. So, how can brands maximize the potential of digital transformation, especially when engaging the key post ’95 audience?”

Feb 2017 / Salesforce Blog

Digital Transformation Drives Future Revenue Growth: Digital Strength Index

Isobar CEO Geoff Cubitt and alpha-DNA Co-Founder Rod Fertig discuss the Digital Strength Index, how it works and why "digitally strong" companies are more likely to see the value of their shares increase over time.