For our first analysis of the retail industry Isobar and alpha-DNA evaluate eight of the largest retailers by revenue.


We focus on four sub-industries (General Merchandise, Warehouse Club, Electronics, Department Stores) that we believe are a good cross section of the retail industry and highlight the current trends and issues the entire industry is currently facing.


 It’s easy to say Amazon will reign supreme after it lays waste across the retail landscape. But what we see are companies fighting back. They’re starting to duck and weave rather than stand still while getting punched in the face. And, some are even starting to jab back.


Walmart is a behemoth that is excelling digitally and doesn’t look like it plans to take it’s foot off the gas. On the flip side, Target used to be on par with its peers, but recently lost a lot of momentum.

Even though Costco’s digital footprint is small relative to the larger retailers, the company has a tailwind that points to continued growth.

Best Buy is surviving and might have course corrected both financially and digitally with upside on the horizon.

Nordstrom leads the rest of department stores, but that’s not saying much. It’s just losing less than the others. To the company’s credit though, they are taking the right steps to catch up digitally.