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Healthcare companies, and specifically Managed Healthcare companies found in this report, have been growing as prices in the industry continue to increase. The revenues of healthcare companies represented nearly 16% of the total revenues of firms in the S&P 500 last year, up from about 4% in 1984. However, the secret is out. Their honeypot is about to be exposed. Earlier this year Tim Cook stated, “[healthcare] is a business opportunity,” and with the announcement earlier this year of the JPMorgan, Amazon, and Warren Buffet triumvirate, the healthcare sector’s evolution is about to be expedited. In this edition of the DSI, we evaluate the top US Managed Healthcare companies and explore how recent M&A and up-and-coming startups will impact their future.



United Healthcare excels, sweeping all metrics except Share.


Centene and WellCare are the smallest from a digital perspective, falling behind on metrics across the board.


When looking at Growth, Aetna and Anthem have taken a downward turn these past few quarters.


Aetna ranks second in Magnitude, supported by social engagement and popularity score.


Overall, this group has been outperforming other industries from a revenue and stock performance perspective. However, these companies need to assess where they are lagging digitally if they want to continue to accelerate their strong topline revenue growth numbers and capture the value currently being generated in the industry.


In just the past 12 months, the speed of disruption has escalated quickly where a land grab is being fought by both large and small players alike. The cause of this acceleration is due to both the advances in digital and the growth in data. So, how should healthcare companies adjust to avoid irrelevance? Download the latest report to find out.